Monday, January 24, 2011

Types of People in the Library

1. Seriously Studious Student:

This person is usually is usually found alone in quietest part of the library. He or she will sit at an area where they can spread out if needed. They prefer studying alone and are often seen without laptops since it will just be a distraction. They also wear comfortable clothing with hair tied back (girl) and no make up to almost no make up (girl). An essential accessory is a pair of headphones to block out any unwanted sounds.

2. Serious Student Wanna-Be:

This student goes to the library with things such as multiple highlighters, different colored pens, multiple notebooks, and a laptop. They also study in a quieter part of the library. The main difference between a Wanna-Be and a Seriously Studious Student is that a Wanna-Be usually spends most of their time on their laptops or perhaps on their planners, not really studying. From the outside in, they may look like they are studying, but once up close, you can tell that they're not...

3. Laptop user:

This person is often found in the library on their laptop the entire time. Most of the time, they are on facebook, gaming sites, or just web-surfing. Some students may actually be doing work for class but more often than not, they're online for different reasons.

4. The watcher:

The mysterious thing about this person is that they really had no reason to come to the library. They sit and watch videos on youtube, hulu, or other sites similar to these. They almost always bring their backpacks and course work. Their laptop is surrounded by these items but looks as though it hasn't been touched (not counting that they've opened the book).

5. The norm
Most students fit under this category. They go to the library with someone to study with or find someone to study with once they get there. They take regular breaks and chats with their friends when needed. However, at the end of the day, they've covered about 80~90% of the materials that they needed to cover. Since they want to be social and serious at the same time while studying, they can found in both the quiet areas and the group areas.

6. Social student
The main purpose of this student is to socialize with other people. They do want to get some studying done, but they put socializing first. More often than not, they leave the library with less than 50% of the work done.


  1. I would say that the serious student would not consider headphones essential. They would see them as another distraction.

    I would also combine the wanna-be, laptop user, and watcher. They're just in different phases of denial about wanting to be a serious student.

    I like this!

  2. Very nice. I enjoy that this break-down of students could be (and probably is) universal for all campus libraries.